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Maryland Spring Engagement: Kim + Ben

I would guess very few people have the experience of living in their childhood home as an adult. When Patrick and I moved into the house I lived in my entire life up until high school, it was pretty weird! The room Carla and I shared, the backyard that felt endless, the spot in the kitchen where I used to sit in time-out while the oven timer counted down :), the front room where I practiced piano... so many childhood memories held in the home I now share with my husband.

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U.S. Capitol Engagement | LeaAnne + Daniel

When a Capitol Police Officer walked up to us, I was expecting that he’d ask us to move away from the building (typical DC). Instead, he said he had an engagement gift for LeaAnne and Danny and escorted us through the gates and onto the Capitol steps- a restricted area hardly anyone is allowed to go! The look on their faces (and mine!) was of utter excitement. To stand on those historic steps and take once-in-a-lifetime engagement photos of LeaAnne and Danny was a dream come true.

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Maryland Christmas Portrait Session | Nicole + Nick

Well, as far as I know, this was the first photo session I did under false pretenses :) Nicole told me she MUST have new photos of her and her husband Nick for their Christmas card this year. She requested we take them on the Saturday evening that we talked about getting together to celebrate my birthday. As far as I knew, we'd snap a few photos and then the four of us would have dinner and relax for the rest of the evening at my house.

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Maryland Winter Portrait Session | Bridget + Kyle

When they hopped out of the car at their session, Kyle's phone went off with the ping that I'm all-too-familiar with- the ESPN ping :) The one that lets you know what's happening with your favorite teams (and a prominent app on Patrick's phone). Kyle's favorite team was playing. I laughed and asked if he was going to be able to enjoy our session while he wondered how his team was doing.

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Autumn Maryland Wedding | Jessica + Arif

It wasn't what she had envisioned for her wedding. The dress, the venue, the ceremony...

When he'd proposed, they couldn't have known what was coming next. They'd hardly had time to celebrate when his father's diagnosis left them with little time and few options. Over the coming weeks, they planned and unplanned numerous weddings, each in response to his father's declining health and the time they understood to have left.

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Lincoln Memorial Anniversary: Carla + Max

I remember the first time I met Max. I was standing in my parent's kitchen 7 years ago and saw my sister Carla walking up the hill of our backyard with a guy in khakis and a button-down shirt. Business casual was not common for high school boys in our town... When I asked my mom who he was, she said, "That's Max. They met at 4-H. Apparently, he goes to Catholic school." Little did I know, the guy Carla walked up the hill with that day would quickly go from "Max, the quiet guy who goes to Catholic school" to "Max, my brother."

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