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I Created a Motherhood Journal!


I am so excited to share that I published a motherhood journal! When I found out I was pregnant with Ford exactly one year after having John John, I knew I wanted to create some sort of tool to help me keep an eye on my mental health. After John John, I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety for much longer than I should have because I wasn’t aware of my moods and the consistent patterns I was dealing with. I wanted to empower myself with information about my mental health after my second baby without obsessing about it or having to rely on my exhausted memory. Thus, the The One-Minute Mood Journal for Mothers was born! It is a simple daily practice for navigating the highs and lows of motherhood and I can’t say how much I am enjoying it in this second postpartum season. I originally created the prompts just for myself, but thought it could benefit other moms, too, so I figured out how to design and publish it on Amazon! I am so proud that it is out in the world.

Order The Journal Here

It is currently available on Amazon and in store at The Family Room in Laytonsville, MD.

The official description: This daily journal is a safe place to prioritize and record your mental health experience as a mom. So many journals and baby books are focused on the baby and documenting their early months and years. This one is purely for you.

This is not an heirloom you will pass down (though you can if you want!). It is a tool for right now as you navigate the day-to-day of postpartum and motherhood. Each day, you will be prompted to quickly rate your mood, record your most powerful emotions (there’s a list in the back to help you put a word to the feeling), and take a mindful moment to consider what you need right now. This journal is meant to empower you with more self-awareness, help you articulate your feelings, and provide you with a place to observe your mood trends over time instead of trying to rely on your sleep-deprived memory or obsessing about how you’re doing. Think of this journal as your diligent little mental health assistant reminding you to take just a minute each day to check in with yourself and capturing how you are doing so that you can get back to the hard, wonderful work of mothering. This is a tool I wish I had, and I hope it helps you to experience more mental wellness.

Sections include:

  • Welcome
  • My Experience with Postpartum Depression
  • On Being Honest + Proactive
  • How to Use this Journal
  • Daily + Weekly Tracking Pages (12 weeks)
  • Postpartum Basics
  • Some Information About Postpartum Depression
  • Emotions Word Bank
  • About the Creator


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