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Nantucket Beach Ceremony: Jaime + Matt

As we stepped off the plane and walked onto the tarmac at ACK, I said to Patrick, "Pinch me." I couldn't believe we were actually in Nantucket. Just two weeks before I'd received an email from Jaime asking whether I'd consider traveling to the island to photograph their elopement. A quick peek at my calendar and I answered with a definite and enthusiastic, "YES!" If being asked to travel to a gorgeous location wasn't enough, they welcomed Patrick joining me to both second shoot the wedding and so that we could enjoy a few days together in what they described as "a magical place you should enjoy with someone you love." Seriously, that's what they said. Cue all the heart eyes for this romantic couple.

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Travel Journal: Iceland

Usually, when we travel somewhere new I come back with a list of raves for different aspects of the trip. In Paris, it was: The crepes! And the wine! And the architecture! In Nashville, it's always: The music! And the history! And the awesome vibe! In Costa Rica, it was: The weather! The colors! The incredible plants! And the fresh food! With Iceland, there was only one thing...

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Travel Journal: Costa Rica Part II

When our plane touched down in Liberia, Costa Rica, our adventure began. As we stepped out of the airport, the delicious, warm air hit us and we immediately started peeling off layers. Coming from the DC arctic, we all did a little victory dance to be in a tropical climate. Once we were in our tanks and shorts, we found our shuttle and the four of us who had arrived at similar times piled in. 

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