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Cake Smash: Cillian Turns One

Baby Cillian couldn't believe his eyes when we set his little "one" cake down in front of him. His happy parents encouraged him to taste it, but he couldn't help but keep looking up at them with these wide, are-you-sure-I'm-supposed-to eyes. After much coaxing and even a taste from Dad to "show him how it's done," we convinced him that the cake was not, indeed, a trick and that he was allowed to dive in.

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At-Home Newborn Session: Baby Bennett

When I was three years old, a kitten with a smashed paw showed up on our back steps late one night. My parents thought it had been stepped on by one of the cows next door and immediately rushed it to a family friend veterinarian. When the kitten came home a few days later from the vet with three legs, we had all fallen in love with him. He was now our cat and I was allowed to name him! I don't remember this, but my mom says I immediately said "Luke!" after my best friend at the time :)

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Downtown Alexandria Family Session: Julian Turns One!

"We just want to remember him like this forever!" Francesca shared as we walked along the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria. It was the perfect day for family photos. Sunrise on a Sunday morning, warm air finally signaling the start of spring, the entire waterfront to ourselves, and little Julian happily riding in his stroller pointing at each plane that flew overhead. 

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