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Pregnancy Essentials: The First Trimester


This post is about all of my pregnancy essentials for the first trimester.

pregnancy survival guide first trimester

I am currently in the second trimester of my second pregnancy and so far it has been a pretty different experience than my first. With this baby, I started feeling sick only a few days after I found out I was expecting and it lasted until I was nearly 16 weeks along… so 12 long weeks of being on the verge of vomiting. Those months felt like forever, especially while chasing a newly one-year-old!! I somehow escaped this with our first baby with only a couple weeks of feeling slightly nauseous… something I am now extra grateful for.

The first stage of pregnancy is notorious for a reason! The exhaustion, nausea, vomiting, and general bad feelings before your bump is even showing make the first few months of pregnancy rough. Congratulations, you’re having a baby!! What a special time, now try not to throw up!!

Below are all the things that helped me feel MUCH better. Nothing made me feel like my normal self except time, but these products all made a really big difference in how I felt physically and therefore my mood. If you are currently in this stage of pregnancy, just know I am sending you good vibes!

  1. Hydration tablets: These electrolyte drink tablets made me feel so much more hydrated and energetic. I am well into my second trimester now with baby #2 and still add one to my water most days. They were also amazing when I was very pregnant during the hottest summer months with baby #1 and tended to get lightheaded.
  2. Mint gum: I didn’t realize how much being nauseous for me was related to having a bad taste in my mouth. Whether from coffee or just food, anything less than fresh breath made me feel more sick to my stomach. That, plus wearing a mask for COVID.. not a fun combo, Enter, frequent teeth brushing and gum chewing. The minty flavor was refreshing and helped keep nausea at bay.
  3. Comfy underwear: You already don’t feel good and you don’t need anything adding to your discomfort, especially annoying undies. Invest now in some comfy, full coverage options. These are my very affordable favorites. Buy a size up because your belly is going to start expanding soon anyway…
  4. Belly butter: You can’t start moisturizing too early and this stuff feels and smells amazing. I try to remember to put it on my stomach, boobs, hips, and thighs before bed. I also love this relaxing one.
  5. Deep cleansing face mask: A friend sent me this when I found out I was pregnant the first time and it was a God send! Changing hormones can wreak havoc on your skin. Mix it with apple cider vinegar for some serious tingling pore-clearing action.
  6. Wireless bras: As the weeks go on, your old bras will probably feel snug. Buy a few wireless options that will allow for your chest to change without pinching or discomfort. I like this relaxed style, this bralette (comes in lots of cute colors), and this nursing sports bra style.
  7. Stretchy pants: Elastic waistbands all the way! I would wear these lightweight joggers every single day while pregnant and postpartum, they’re that comfortable and cute. My other favorite maternity bottoms are listed in this post about my maternity must-haves and there are some real gems!!
  8. Big water bottle: I am constantly thirsty while pregnant, especially during the first trimester, and this water bottle was a life saver both during and after my last pregnancy. It’s pricey for a water bottle, but it keeps drinks cold forever (another thing I don’t like normally, but love pregnant– ice), can be tossed in the dish washer, and is indestructible. Plus, it holds 40 oz. and fits in a car cup holder.
  9. Carbs: As much as you want to eat healthy while pregnant, you also need to just eat whatever you can stomach. Frozen waffles, toast with butter and cinnamon sugar, pasta with butter… these were some staples for me. I also keep a granola bar of some kind next to my bed for those weird 3 AM moments when I would wake up STARVING.

These are my pregnancy essentials for the first trimester. I hope they help you feel as good as you can during the first weeks of pregnancy!

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