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Welcome! I'm a wedding photographer, wife, and mom to a sweet baby boy we call John-John.

I started this business because I believe that every couple deserves not only gorgeous images from their wedding day, but an experience that allows them to be fully present and feel absolutely incredible!

Meet Emily






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I’m not even sure where to begin with Carrie and Billy. For these posts, I usually reflect on the wedding day and the moments that stood out to me, but with them, there is so much more to reflect on. With Billy, there is a lifetime of memories of he and I with our younger sisters and brothers. With Carrie, there is a newfound friendship that has deepened to a level I could have never expected in less than two years. I am so thankful and grateful they are part of my life.

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Patrick and I are so fortunate to call this beautiful couple our dear friends. Chas and Pat met playing lacrosse for the University of Maryland club team our freshman year. I was introduced to Chas’ enthusiastic self once Pat and I started dating and could see immediately how close they were. Where Patrick is calm and a little quiet, Chas is energetic and loud. A proven great fit for best friends.

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What a joy to capture my cousin and his fiancé in their new home! Billy and I grew up together (along with our other million cousins) and he is one of the kindest people I know. He is lighthearted, cheerful, and has become my Dad’s very best friend. He is incredibly important to my family and we are thrilled he found his perfect match in Carrie.

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When Carla and I made our flight arrangements to visit our best friend Nicole in Florida, the first thing I said I wanted to do while there was a quick engagement session with her and her husband one evening. My favorite people to photograph are the people I know and love and being able to share images with them, of them, in which they look and feel beautiful is the most fulfilling part of my role as a photographer.

- kathleen

"Emily made us feel (and look!) like true supermodels! With her humor, guidance, and enthusiasm our wedding photos are more than we could have hoped for."

- catherine

"She made us feel comfortable and like our best selves throughout. We couldn't have asked for anything more! Emily is poised, professional, super friendly, and you'll probably be best friends by the time the shoot is over. "

- alexis

"Her style is the perfect mix between documentary and fine art: she captured the real candid moments while also directing us into picture-perfect poses with an eye for the details. Plus, she is so sweet!"

- jessica M.

"She clearly has an intuitive talent that is rare in any field. Nothing compares to the professionalism, warmth, care, and instinct that Emily possesses. Her photos are gorgeous no matter what!"

- jessica S.

"She captured our happiness and gave us priceless memories from a day where we have so few! She is creative, super fun, and a joy to work with."


If you're looking for photography that is so much more than just gorgeous images, it's an experience that allows you to be fully present with the ones you love, you're in the right place.

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