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Classic Washington, DC Wedding | Kate + George



George’s best man Fleming said it best when he began his speech with the phrase, “it’s later than you think.” He was referencing the fact that time always moves a bit faster than you anticipate. Isn’t that true?

His relationship with George was evident as he talked about their close friendship and lovingly teased him. Apparently, George is the kind of guy with a story about everything. He loves to share stories from his past, sometimes over and over, and each time the details get stretched a little more. Fleming continued to say that though the details may bend, what George is doing by telling his stories is open up his life to you. You get to know him, you’re connected to him, and you, in turn, become part of the story itself.

When Kate became part of George’s story, everything got brighter. From the beginning, their connection and love for each other was obvious. They’d each found their match from fitness to foster dogs and suddenly their stories were intertwined. And now, they begin the next chapter of their story as husband and wife. Fleming encouraged them to enjoy it for all it’s worth because “it’s later than you think.”

That speech really touched me because it’s true that what really connects us is the stories we create together. The happy stories, the tragic stories, and everything in between allow us to connect whether we go through it together at the same time or experience it after the fact through being vulnerable enough to tell the tale. There are many people I feel I know even though we’ve never met thanks to the stories I’ve been told. I hope others feel the same way in the future about the memories I share of my brother.

It is clear that Kate + George’s story will be one filled with joyful color. From the time I’ve spent with them, I know there will be constant loud laughter, silly dancing, tight hugs, puppy snuggles, and continuing to pull those they love into their story. They are two of the kindest, most appreciative people I’ve ever met and it was my honor to be able to capture their day alongside Patrick and Carla.


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