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Travel Journal: Hawaii with a Baby


Hawaii! I see what all the hype is about. I was a little apprehensive given what a trek it is to get there from the East Coast especially now with a baby in the mix (we were supposed to go in spring of 2020 when I was pregnant, but had to reschedule due to COVID), but I can say that the travel was 100% worth it. If you’re considering going to Hawaii with a baby, I’d say do it! But if you haven’t already, check out my best tips for traveling with a baby here and here. I learned A LOT!

We were lucky enough to go with my in-laws for a week and a half. While there we stayed on Oahu and The Big Island in Volcanoes National Park. The time change was a doozy for John-John (hello, 3 AM!), but otherwise it was such a family-friendly place to be. We found a few beaches with low waves perfect for a baby who always wants to be in the water. Otherwise, we just ate a ton of sushi, swam every day, explored the islands, and relaxed with a piña colada in hand. I can’t wait to go back once we have kid(s) that can entertain themselves for the flights, haha! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip.

Favorite Baby Friendly Beaches:

Hilo- Onekahakaha Beach Park (big tide pool with inlets to the ocean, grassy “shore,” and shade trees- perfect for families)

Oahu- Ke Iki Beach (sand, sunshine, and low waves on the North Shore)


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