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My Five January Favorites


My favorites of the month including places to go in and around DC, books to read, and a few other fun things.

  1. Coffee Shop: Open City at the National Cathedral A cozy coffee shop in one of the oldest buildings on the grounds, this place is a must stop if you’re near the cathedral. The history, stained glass, church pew seats, round shape, and lavender hot chocolate made it one of my favorite winter finds.

  2. Winery: Old Westminster Winery

    My siblings and I grew up going to steam shows in Westminster with my grandparents and cousins, so we were happily surprised when we visited this beautiful, modern farm winery. It’s run by three siblings (two girls and a boy) and if Joanna Gaines designed a winery, this would be it.

  3. Books: The Alice Network + The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

    Perhaps a random pairing, but these two started my 2019 off on an awesome reading note. I mentioned The Alice Network in my winter newsletter, but it deserves another mention because it was that good. Female leads, an incredible story, and historically-based.. I loved it. The 7 Habits took all month to work through because I was underlining and taking notes in my journal as I went. I thought I had read this in college, but I must have just skipped to the scheduling section (typical). This book has so much wisdom to offer and paired with this exercise made me reconsider my values, my paradigms I view life from, and my goals. Deep, I know, but a wonderful re-centering book as I continue in a season of grief.

  4. Recipe: New York Times Chickpea Stew

    Everything you need on a cold day, plus you get to feel healthy! I tripled the recipe for a dinner with friends and it came out just as delicious. Definitely a go-to recipe moving forward.

  5. Product: Magnolia Twelve Nights Candle

    On days I work from home, I love making the most of it by playing music and lighting a candle. Carla gave me this one before Christmas and I have burned it almost every day since! Unfortunately it is discontinued, but if you see something similar come out, I would order it. The cedar, citrus, fraser fer scent makes it delicious for the whole winter season, not just Christmas.

Bonus: The Salamander Resort in Middleburg, VA (pictured above) I was fortunate enough to stay at the Salamander while photographing a corporate client project. It was my first visit and I now understand what all the fuss is about.. wow! Everything was beautiful, the staff was so nice, and it’s definitely on my list to return to.


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