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Best of 2017


My final post of 2017. I don’t know where to begin except to say thank you. Thank you for coming with me on this journey. Thank you for supporting this little dream of mine. Thank you for allowing me into your homes, your nurseries, your relationships, and your stories.

Thank you for trusting me, someone who decided to make this photography business a real thing with no idea where it would go. I still don’t know where it will go, but so far it’s surpassed all my expectations. For your trust in me, for the beautiful shoots, for the hilarious behind-the-scenes moments we shared, and for feeding the excitement I feel each time I pick up the camera, thank you. 

This year has been more joyful and more painful than I could have imagined. Losing both of my grandparents months apart and the devastating news last month that Patrick’s father has cancer have tried me in every way possible. But, as a friend reminded me, “God only gives you what you can handle.” It’s funny how these lines you’ve heard a million times suddenly resonate under the right circumstances, at the right moment. With love and support, somehow we’ve all handled it. These times of uncertainty and heartache brought me incredible lessons. This year taught me the power of family. The power of people who love each other coming together. The power of prayer. The power of marriage and the power in anchoring yourself to your partner through the storm.

As expected, I learned more from the challenges than the good times, and I’m thankful that there were countless good times. Like moving from our cozy downtown apartment into the house I grew up in down the street from my family (and sister!). It was a choice we wavered on, but our decision was affirmed when Patrick’s Dad was diagnosed only weeks after moving day. There are a thousand reasons why our new home is amazing, but the biggest is that it brought us closer to Patrick’s parents (divine timing?). (Thankfully, his father is on the road to recovery now!) There have been good times this year like the time we’ve shared with incredible friends who have loved and supported us through each wind in the road. And great times like serving you, the wonderful people who allowed me to document this time in your life. This season of change, growth, or commitment in your life, relationship, or family. Thank you for letting me in.

If nothing else, I’ve learned this year that the power of a photograph is the memories it holds and there is nothing more valuable than being able to recall the moments you’ve shared with those you love.

Below are my favorite images from 2017. I’m sending you wishes for a very happy New Year and 2018 full of celebrating life!


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