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Gift Guide: Babies + Toddlers

Gift Guides

Soft Playmat / Play House / Ball Pit / Five Little Monkeys Book Set / Lush Blanket / Fleece Booties / Dinosaur Bath Toys / Fleece-Lined Crocs / Toddler Crayons / Puffer Jacket

  • Soft Playmat: We love this play mat on our wood floors. We use it with this big playpen (connected in a circle) and it fits perfectly!
  • Play House: We are getting this for JJ to use in our basement this winter then take outside in the spring.
  • Ball Pit: Who else has fond memories of playing in the McDonald’s ball pit when they were little? Just me? Well now you can have a ball pit IN YOUR HOUSE!! And without the germs.
  • Five Little Monkeys Book Set: This set of board books have been a hit since we brought JJ home from the hospital and would be a perfect gift for a newborn through toddler.
  • Lush Blanket: The softest blanket I’ve ever felt! This is a favorite to give to new babies who have older siblings already “have everything.”
  • Fleece Booties: A staple for a reason. They truly don’t fall off.
  • Dinosaur Bath Toys: Just say no to bath toys with holes (read: MOLD). These baby dinos are adorable and perfect for in the tub and out.
  • Fleece-Lined Crocs: The only shoes JJ wears because they are easy to slip on, have the back strap so they stay on, and are cozy and fleece lined! When it’s not too cold out, I don’t even worry about socks. Considering another pair just to keep in the car so we always have them. Fun fact: Our physical therapist friend said they’re great for new walkers because they aren’t rigid so their little foot muscles can develop.
  • Toddler Crayons: My mother-in-law brought this on a trip last summer and they are still something we use daily! Fat enough for little hands to hold easily.
  • Puffer Jacket: We received this as a gift and it has magically lasted us two winters so far. Super warm without being bulky, if you hope to keep spending a lot of time outside in the cold, this coat is a staple.


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