Welcome! I'm a wedding photographer, wife, and mom to a sweet baby boy we call John-John.

I started this business because I believe that every couple deserves not only gorgeous images from their wedding day, but an experience that allows them to be fully present and feel absolutely incredible!

Meet Emily






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What a joy to capture the new Mr. and Mrs. Veverka. Their love for each other, their families, and their friends made their wedding day sweet from beginning to end. That they are longtime friends of my sister Carla and I which makes it that much more special to be part of their day.

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Jessica kept peering out of the window of her bridal suite. She was looking for him. Shawn. The love of her life and her best friend. Amidst getting ready herself, helping her daughter get ready, and laughing with her bridesmaids, she couldn’t help but continue to steal peeks out the window. When she finally spotted him, she lit up like a little girl and said, “oh my gosh, he looks so CUTE!!”

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It was a super hot day in July and Melissa and I were worried about our bride and groom overheating, but John had just returned from a tour in Africa so he didn’t mind, even in full uniform. Lorraine caught a breeze by riding up to the first look on her famous pink vespa with a huge smile, veil and all!

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As the door opened and their eyes met, his hands went immediately to his face and he doubled-over. Breathing hard and slightly shaking, guests couldn’t tell whether he was alright. As she approached him and put her hand on his shoulder, he stood up with the broadest smile on his face, a tear in his eye, and told her she looked beautiful.

- kathleen

"Emily made us feel (and look!) like true supermodels! With her humor, guidance, and enthusiasm our wedding photos are more than we could have hoped for."

- catherine

"She made us feel comfortable and like our best selves throughout. We couldn't have asked for anything more! Emily is poised, professional, super friendly, and you'll probably be best friends by the time the shoot is over. "

- alexis

"Her style is the perfect mix between documentary and fine art: she captured the real candid moments while also directing us into picture-perfect poses with an eye for the details. Plus, she is so sweet!"

- jessica M.

"She clearly has an intuitive talent that is rare in any field. Nothing compares to the professionalism, warmth, care, and instinct that Emily possesses. Her photos are gorgeous no matter what!"

- jessica S.

"She captured our happiness and gave us priceless memories from a day where we have so few! She is creative, super fun, and a joy to work with."

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