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28 Things I’m Grateful for on my 28th Birthday

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Well, this is months overdue (my birthday is November 28), but better late than never! I started this tradition a couple years ago it is so much fun to create a quick list of things (big and small, deep and superficial) that I am grateful for. I am thankful to have had a good year compared the few before it so without further ado, my list of 28 things to be grateful for…

  1. Our puppy! Little Coachman joined us in August and our house got a lot more fun (and dirty)!

  2. We thought we knew what we were getting into with a new puppy.. turns out we really didn’t. Over the course of a few sessions, this trainer taught us so much about what are reasonable expectations to have, how to set healthy boundaries, and general best practices to be good leaders to Coach. Now we are thrilled to have a very well behaved, calm, happy pup and he’s only 7 months old! 100% worth the investment.

  3. Launching Sister Social with Carla last spring to help brands share their stories beautifully!

  4. Speaking of puppy boundaries, this book was monumental for me this year. I recommend it to anyone who will listen.

  5. Our trip to Portugal where Carla and Max got engaged!

  6. Artifact Uprising: I love having my photos printed and used to make inexpensive photo books of travel photos. A couple of years ago, I decided to upgrade and created a photo album of our honeymoon using Artifact Uprising. I loved it so much that I decided to start creating family “yearbooks” through AU, too! For both, I used the 10×10 Layflat Photo Album on lustre paper. They are a beautiful and semi-affordable option that I often recommend to clients who want to create their own album. This blog post by Emily Ley is great to get you started on a family yearbook if you’re interested.

  7. Planner: I’ve used this planner by Emily Ley for years. I’ve tried lots of different types, but the daily edition with my schedule and to do list on one page is my favorite. I also use Google calendar and Wunderlist for organizing my life.. maybe I’ll do a blog post on my system!

  8. The opportunity to go to Egypt and see the pyramids for a Sister Social project last fall.

  9. Flats: These animal print flats from Target go with everything (and I love a good slip-on).

  10. The article I go back to often when I feel pressure to do more, work more, produce more, be more.

  11. Photographing so many people I love including many cousins and friends.

  12. Visiting the Alps in Germany with my in-laws last spring.

  13. Completing my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and sharing the practice I love with others in my community.

  14. A home to call our own and grow into 🙂

  15. New traditions paired with old ones

  16. I’m really grateful that Pat and I both have jobs we love and that his affords me to do mine.

  17. Relaxing weekends at Lake Anna with family and friends

  18. Cookbook Club! I reconnect with an old friend last fall and while talking, she shared that she wanted to pursue more hobbies, but wasn’t sure what to do. She mentioned liking to cook and it reminded me of this post by Wit & Delight. We decided to make it a small group of four people to test it out and it has been so much fun! This is our fifth month and I look forward to it during the weeks in between 🙂 It’s great because it’s a set reason to see friends monthly, catch up on how things are really going (small talk usually only lasts a minute or two before we’re talking about real life), and try new recipes together!

  19. EveryDollar: My favorite budgeting app.

  20. The time I’ve taken in therapy and on my own to discover who I am, what I need, what success is for me, and how to create my life around that vision.

  21. Rediscovering my hometown and the amazing trails, shops, wineries, restaurants, and events

  22. Cup of Jo: The blog that always brightens my day.

  23. That the people I love on Earth are healthy.

  24. Watching friends fall in love, get married, have babies, and pursue their dreams

  25. Carla, my sister, my heart, my soul

  26. Patrick, my love and my rock

  27. Everything Jack taught me (and continues to)

  28. This life and journey I get to experience. Not a morning goes by that I don’t wake up thanking God I get another day.

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