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What It’s Like to Work With My Sister


If you had told me ten years ago that my sister Carla and I would one day be building businesses side-by-side and working together, I would have thought you were crazy. We’ve always been entrepreneurial (growing up in a house where your parents run their own business will do that…), but we did NOT always get along.

As kids, we had some trouble cooperating. I’ve heard of siblings who are besties from the beginning. That wasn’t us.

We used to fight over everything. Even when we were running our very successful, pretend “daycare business” in our basement with our baby dolls (yes, I had a binder to keep track of our schedules and finances), we’d find things to get mad at each other about. I can remember numerous times we went so far as to put tape down the center of our room to try to separate our space. The joke was on us because it was a very small room and getting away from each other was impossible.

We drove our poor Mom crazy.. to the point that she used to threaten to “clunk our heads together” which I can only remember actually happening once 🙂

Then, when I left for college, everything changed.

Maybe it was that our four-year age difference started to feel much smaller. Maybe it was because we weren’t sharing a bathroom anymore (Carla’s money is on that), but our similarities became much more evident and we realized how much we are alike.

At this point, we are as close as I can imagine possible. The “enthusiasm” and “passion” that fueled our childhood conflicts is still there, but now we use that to build each other up and push each other forward, instead of using it against each other (most of the time- Patrick and Max may have a few stories they’d like to add to that statement ;).

When it comes to working together, I couldn’t imagine a better partner. Our favorite projects are when we get to cover both the photography and videography. Even on projects where just one is required, we still often assist each other to provide an extra set of hands and support. We’ve never kept track of hours, who is helping the other more, and we’ve never paid each other. It’s just part of our mindset that we will do whatever we can to support each other, no matter what. The more we learn individually, the stronger we are together.

I think we work really well together because we think similarly, make decisions quickly, and generally love being around each other. You’ll usually find us laughing and singing along to the music while working at a wedding because we’re doing what we love and genuinely having a great time (plus, our brides are the best and pick awesome playlists)!

The telepathy that comes with being sisters also comes in handy, like with a pointed glance across a dance floor that says, “GET OUT OF MY SHOT!” or a quick nod and grin that says, “Yes, I caught that kiss. Cutest moment ever.” 

I’m so grateful that Carla and I are able to share this exciting journey together. If you’re considering working with a sibling, my only advice would be to remember that the more you support each other, the stronger you’ll be as a team, so be there for each other as much as possible, challenge each other, and never take for granted that someone who knows you so well has your back. That quick detour through the McDonald’s drive-through that they insist upon because they can tell you’re getting a little hangry may make all the difference 😉 Would a professional colleague be comfortable calling you out like that? Probably not 🙂

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