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Summer Family Photos: Silkowitz



This family is the epitome of joyful. I have known Joni, their vibrant mom, for many years after working together at my first job. She is warm, energetic, positive, and inspiring. In the time since I decided to go full-time with my own business, she has been a true mentor to me. As a mom, a businesswoman, and a friend, her focus is to lift others up and help them find their greatest success. She is tireless in her encouragement. After a lunch with Joni, I always feel like I am high on life. Her energy is contagious.

It was really special to finally meet the family she has told me so much about. Jessie, a high school running star, Jordan, an incoming soccer player at Ohio State University, and her husband Rob welcomed me into their beautiful home with huge smiles and a lighthearted approach to their family portraits. It’s amazing how meeting someone’s family makes you feel like you know them so much more. Meeting Joni’s family reinforced my images of the fun, joyful mother I always imagined her to be and her family was so much fun to get to know- maybe it’s all those endorphins! (Fun fact: They are also all TALL! It is rare that at 5’9” I feel short compared to my subjects… these girls should be models). I’m so glad this wonderful family will have family photos to mark the summer before Jordan left for college. They were truly a pleasure to take.


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