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Spring Sunrise Engagement: Catherine + Paul



My heart is about to burst. This is one of my most meaningful sessions to date. 

I met my dear friend Paul early in high school and since first meeting, I have had the pleasure of watching his life unfold in the most magical ways. I remember when he was accepted to the Coast Guard Academy beginning a career of serving our country. I remember when he broke his jaw playing lacrosse for the academy and somehow maintained his normal enthusiastic disposition despite his mouth being wired shut. I remember after he’d graduated and told me he was going to live on an icebreaker boat in the Great Lakes. I’m not sure if that’s the correct term for what he was doing, but I remember thinking it sounded like absolute misery, ha! 

I remember as he moved from place to place fulfilling his commitment to our country and his commitment to bettering the lives of others. I distinctly remember when he was overjoyed to share that he’d been accepted to become a priest in the catholic church. And the next call I received a few weeks later when he’d been told the military would not allow him to leave to join the seminary. His reaction was that of every other twist and turn his life had taken- complete and utter faith that all would be well because this was part of the path set out for him. That there was no need to be upset because God was guiding him to his next step, though he didn’t know what that was yet.

His admission to flight school to become a helicopter pilot, a lifelong dream, came shortly after being told he must remain in the military. All the while, Paul had a smile on his face and trust that life was developing as it should.

Now, God has lead him to the most significant of steps, his engagement to beautiful Catherine. A chance meeting in the Nashville airport where she was volunteering in the USO lounge has blossomed into true love and the commitment of a lifetime. It is incredible to look back and see how the dots connect leading you to exactly where you’re meant to be. One look at Paul and sweet Catherine and it was clear to me that they are exactly where they are both meant to be. 

Paul, thank you for your lessons in trust, your bright light as a friend, and for sharing your happiness with me and all those who love and surround you both. You are a pillar of faith and I am honored to have captured this perfect time in your life.


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