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Maryland Spring Engagement: Kim + Ben



I would guess very few people have the experience of living in their childhood home as an adult. When Patrick and I moved into the house I lived in my entire life up until high school, it was pretty weird! The room Carla and I shared, the backyard that felt endless, the spot in the kitchen where I used to sit in time-out while the oven timer counted down :), the front room where I practiced piano… so many childhood memories held in the home I now share with my husband. The cherry on top of this already strange scenario is that my parents (and Carla) are practically our neighbors and live just half a mile down the street. 

When I walked through the front door into Kim and Ben’s beautiful home and she shared that this was the house she grew up in, I couldn’t believe it! What are the chances?! What’s even funnier is that her neighbors include not only her parents, but other aunts, uncles, and relatives as well!! 

After getting to know Kim and Ben more, it made complete sense. She and Ben, like Pat and I, were both blessed with the opportunity to live in these homes packed with memories and be near those we love most. There is no doubt in my mind that family is, and will continue to be, the most important thing in Kim and Ben’s life. They are warm, welcoming, funny, and the improvements they’ve begun making to their home will make it a place friends and family gather for years to come.

To celebrate their new home and engagement, we had a quick engagement shoot at their house before touring their wedding venue. Carla and I are so excited to work together to capture their big day this September! 🙂


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