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Cylburn Arboretum Family Session: The Andersons



This was such a special shoot. Russell, Patti, and baby Jane were the perfect subjects last weekend when we visited the Cylburn Arboretum for their family session. My husband Patrick grew up with Russ’ younger brother Sam (their houses see into eachother’s kitchens) and I have been lucky enough to spend time with the entire Anderson crew since Pat and I started dating seven years ago. They are the kind of family where you know you are always welcome and there is probably something delicious cooking on the stove that Mrs. Anderson is going to insist you have a plate of. Now that the three Anderson siblings are grown up and two have kids of their own, it’s really fun to spend time with them and see how close they’ve stayed. It’s the kind of relationship I hope for my siblings and I when we are at a point that everyone is managing their own families 🙂

The Cylburn Arboretum is not only gorgeous, it is a sentimental place for Russ and Patti because they got married there almost three years ago to the day! It was really special to revisit the same tree they took their wedding portraits under with their baby girl. And Baby Jane seemed to love being in front of the camera, especially when her daddy promised her a gold fish cracker 🙂

I remember asking Patti and Russ at a birthday party recently what it’s like to be new parents. They both immediately started saying how cool it is to have Jane, how much fun they have, how she’s just made their lives even better. In a day of often hearing negativity, it was really wonderful to hear two people genuinely thrilled about being new parents and talking like she is their best friend. Patti and Russ, you make parenthood look like the easiest and most fun thing in the world. Thank you for the honor of capturing these special images of your family.


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