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Blind Whino Engagement: Caryn + Kevin



In a world where the internet and social media can often cause heartache, I’ve found that the exact opposite can be just as powerful- it can create true connection, especially when the online moves to real life.

My friendship with Caryn began by simply commenting on the same blog post last year. I am a longtime lover of the blog Cup of Jo, but I rarely comment on posts (sorry, Jo + team!). In this interview with a Washington, DC woman featuring her beautiful home, the interviewee Amira touched on the transient nature of the city and that it can be difficult to find community. I felt compelled to comment and shared that I would love to meet her. Caryn did, too, along with a dozen other local women.

Amira decided to welcome all of us, a dozen perfect strangers, into her home for brunch and just like that, many friendships began. The only rule was that we couldn’t talk about work (avoiding the traditional DC go-to question, “what do you do?”). It turned out that I was the only native Washingtonian in the group and our introductions reinforced how rare it is for DC locals to grow up or stay in the area. That both sides of my family have lived here for many generations made me realize and appreciate how special my roots are.

Every few months the “Cup of Jo DC” group gets together to catch up, eat, drink, and laugh. It’s a really wonderful, relaxed time and I always look forward to our next event. I was thrilled for Caryn when she announced her engagement earlier this year and honored when she and her fiance asked me to take their engagement photos! 

Kevin was exactly who I would have pictured with Caryn. Their positive, happy personalities complimented each other perfectly and they played off each other the entire session. Usually, I have to let my clients warm up to the camera and the idea of being a little affectionate in public (which I completely understand!), but with Caryn and Kevin it felt like I was observing them being their natural selves from the first click of the shutter. It’s pretty obvious they like each other 😉

Thank you, Cup of Jo, for unknowingly bringing together a little community of fabulous women and connecting Caryn and I. And most importantly, congratulations Caryn + Kevin!!


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