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Annapolis Family Session | The Wuest Family


Jake ran over to us at full speed. We’d just sat down for dinner and someone had uttered the word “Santa.” He immediately jumped up and raced to get his Christmas list to show us. When he got back, we couldn’t help but laugh because it was literally a scroll! He’d stapled sheet after sheet of paper together to create a list longer than he is tall. He’d meticulously written his list in black marker in his best handwriting. Some items were even in cursive! This is a formal document going to the North Pole, after all. He then proceeded to explain each item.. a cherry tree because he loves to eat cherries, every toy his three best friends have (that counted as one list item), a rabbit…

There’s something magical about spending time around little ones at Christmas. There were a few years in my family where none of my cousins were little enough for the fun of a Santa Christmas (the letters to the North Pole, the cookies left out on Christmas Eve, the secret presents arranged under the tree once they went to bed) so I am thankful for a new generation of believers! 

My cousin Melissa and her husband Brian have two of the sweetest boys (I’m lucky enough to be little Liam’s godmother!). Between the excitement of Christmas and their silly antics while taking family photos, Patrick and I had the best evening with all of them. Thank you for being so much fun, Wuest family! I know Santa is going to be very good to you this year! 🙂



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