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Maryland Spring Engagement: Kim + Ben

I would guess very few people have the experience of living in their childhood home as an adult. When Patrick and I moved into the house I lived in my entire life up until high school, it was pretty weird! The room Carla and I shared, the backyard that felt endless, the spot in the kitchen where I used to sit in time-out while the oven timer counted down :), the front room where I practiced piano... so many childhood memories held in the home I now share with my husband.

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Maryland Family Lifestyle Session: Baby Teddy

Baby Teddy greeted me with a giggle as I walked in the door. He clearly knew today was his photoshoot because he donned a stylish, yet comfortable outfit for the occasion. A sharp button-down, elastic-waist linen trousers, and teeny tiny loafers completed the ensemble. I appreciate that he found that elusive line between formal and functional wear that we all often strive for...

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