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DC Wharf Fall Engagement: Brent + Corbin

We have been lucky enough to know Brent and Corbin since Patrick began teaching. Brent was a source of guidance for Patrick in the early days when he felt overwhelmed in his role. With a smile and a joke, Brent always knew how to help Pat with his classroom challenges. I was lucky enough to spend time with him outside of the school setting at lots of social gatherings.

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Cylburn Arboretum Family Session: The Andersons

This was such a special shoot. Russell, Patti, and baby Jane were the perfect subjects last weekend when we visited the Cylburn Arboretum for their family session. My husband Patrick grew up with Russ’ younger brother Sam (their houses see into eachother’s kitchens) and I have been lucky enough to spend time with the entire Anderson crew since Pat and I started dating seven years ago.

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Autumn Maryland Wedding | Jessica + Arif

It wasn't what she had envisioned for her wedding. The dress, the venue, the ceremony...

When he'd proposed, they couldn't have known what was coming next. They'd hardly had time to celebrate when his father's diagnosis left them with little time and few options. Over the coming weeks, they planned and unplanned numerous weddings, each in response to his father's declining health and the time they understood to have left.

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