Formal Portraits + Cake Smash: Elena


This was such a fun session! Baby Elena and her parents are such a joyful, silly family. They decided to take things up a notch and have a more formal family portrait session. We started with a few more traditional posed shots, but with a baby, it’s hard to make anything tooo formal. Even on the floor, their chic outfits and Elena’s “black swan” dress, as her Dad referred to it, looked amazing!

When the cake came out, Elena was quite the little lady, delicately using one finger to lick bits of the icing. After a little hesitation, she got more comfortable with really smashing her cake and eventually had it flipped over, her foot on top, and convinced Mom and Dad to jump in for a bite :)

I loved this fresh take on a cake smash and spending time with this sweet family! Happy First Birthday, Elena!!