Fall Winery Anniversary: Carla + Max


You may recognize these cute faces. They are my sister Carla and her boyfriend Max. They have been together for nearly eight (!!!) years and for fun, we snapped a few images while visiting one of our favorite local spots, Black Ankle Winery. We had a great time sipping wine, listening to the live music, and taking these (see Max’s face in the last image for the level of seriousness).

Patrick and I are so fortunate to have both Carla and Max nearby. We spend a lot of time together and have an unofficial tradition that on Fridays, they show up to our house after work, we make pizzas, and relax. We usually put something on TV, but end up talking and laughing over it. There’s nothing better than being able to spend quality time with the people you love and we’re so lucky that is often for us :)