National Mall Summer Engagement: Emily + John


When I received Emily's inquiry about engagement photos, I was thrilled we would be able to work together. In the midst of her moving back to the US and John going through the US immigration process, Emily hadn't thought about scheduling an engagement session. Luckily, John was going to be in town from Dubai for a week and we were able to make it happen! 

And I'm so glad we did. This couple is my version of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He is originally from the UK, she is a beautiful modern woman, and their worldly travels brought them together. They met while both living in Dubai and got engaged while on a romantic trip to Bali. Their story sounds like a fairytale :)

Above all, they were so lighthearted and fun to work with. Their love for each other was evident even in the steamy August heat. Their path to be together hasn't been the simplest thanks to immigration rules, but they are confident it will work out and expressed many times how grateful they are just to be together this week to celebrate their engagement in Emily's city. This was John's first visit to Washington, DC and these photos capture his first experience of the National Mall!

I am so happy for this beautiful couple and can't wait to see where their journey takes them.