Maryland Winter Wedding | Christina + Adam

Wow, I am so excited to share this winter wedding with you! Not only did I get to work with my sister, I got to witness this very special couple's love for each other on the biggest day of their whirlwind relationship.

Christina and Adam are that couple that just knew. They knew they were right for each other when they met and didn't look back. For some couples, each year in their relationship is a milestone. For Christina and Adam, the timeline was accelerated and each month marked an exciting new chapter. From meeting, to dating, to saying "I love you," to moving in together, getting engaged, and then their wedding, their relationship was a whirlwind in the absolute best way. They knew this was meant to be and by trusting their own hearts and each other's, they vowed to love each other forever just before Christmas.

And in tune with their courtship, their wedding was centered around that excited yet peaceful feeling of "the details don't matter, I know this is right." Christina and Adam, congratulations on your marriage and thank you for letting me be a part of it!