Maryland Newborn Lifestyle Session | Adeline Smith

It seems like yesterday that I was at the Montgomery County Fair wearing my little khaki pants and white polo with a green ribbon tied around my neck. I was a 4-H Clover and this was what my fellow Clovers and I had been waiting for. The grand finale to the months of learning about livestock animals. The chance to get to show our "own" (borrowed from an older 4-Her) animal in the show ring. I was ready and feeling confident. You can't help but feel proud in such a snazzy uniform :) The ensemble was completed by my fancy yet practical hair, which my mom had french braided that morning (and finished with another green bow), and I was feeling tough in my mini work boots.

It was almost time for the show. The best moment came when I was paired up with an older 4-Her, a "junior leader" mentor, who I'd always looked up to- Kimberly. In addition to being cool in that way only someone older than you can be, Kim was always so sweet and never too aloof to talk to the "little" kids in Clovers. I'd hit the jackpot.

I got to borrow her pig to take inside the show ring and she stayed with me offering words of encouragement and hints to help steer my hog around the ring. When the judge stopped to speak with me and asked the hard-hitting questions like, "how much does your pig weight?" and "what breed is your hog?" Kim saved the day by whispering the answers in my ear.

Needless to say, my sister Carla and I have always looked up to Kim and it was so special to get to capture her growing family last weekend. On cold, snowy Sunday morning, we got to catch up, hang out, and meet the newest star of the show, Baby Adeline!

This sweet family is so much fun to be with and Big Brother Ethan kept us all thoroughly entertained with his jokes and songs. It was a great time :)

Congratulations, Kim and Kyle! Thank you for allowing me to capture this very exciting time in your lives. Soon enough, Ethan and Adeline will be wearing little green ribbons as Clovers of your own!