Brand Shoot: Jessica Part III Live in Color


It's here! Part III! If I had to choose, I'd say this was my favorite part of Jessica's brand shoot. No, my favorite was the cherry blossoms.. no, the time in her apartment (coming soon!). I love them all.

These were taken in a Washington, DC yoga studio that clearly embraces color and energy. We wanted to incorporate this important facet of Jessica's personality, her vibrance, into the shoot. This space was perfect for what we wanted to achieve.

In addition to sharing these images, I am excited to share that Jessica has officially launched her new website utilizing these images,! It was a labor of love (read why it took 3 years to complete here) and I am so grateful to have been the friend and photographer she chose for this project. I highly recommend taking a peek into the site to experience Jessica's beautiful words, teaching schedule, and offerings. She truly embodies "living your light!" 

P.S. I'd also take a peek at her Instagram account where she shares images paired with beautiful reflections and insights on finding your way. Enjoy!

Jessica's Brand Shoot Part I - Cherry Blossoms

Jessica's Brand Shoot Part II - Monuments