Brand Shoot: Jessica Part II Monuments


Welcome back for Part II of Jessica's brand shoot! If you didn't catch Part I, check it out here:

Brand Shoot: Jessica Part I Cherry Blossoms

While brainstorming for Jessica's brand shoot, we knew that DC needed to be a strong component in one set of images. Jessica has lived in many places during her life of adventure, but in the past few years she has found her home here in Washington, DC.

Connection is at the heart of all she does, specifically teaching others to strengthen the connection they have to themselves and their inner being. It is evident in her teachings, offerings, and relationships that her love and connection to herself, her students, and her home runs deep. We couldn't have had a more perfect morning to take these images at the monuments. The overcast skies and empty National Mall allowed this iconic, usually touristy spot to reflect the peaceful qualities Jessica embodies and the calming energy she emits.