Brand Shoot: Cynthia Lorena


Cynthia Lorena. What a woman. We met at the yoga studio near my apartment and her classes immediately became some of my favorite. Her powerful energy, confidence, and touch of attitude made me feel like I was in the presence of someone who knew herself completely. I’ll never forget the intro she gave at that first class. She was speaking about living yoga and how the lessons we learn on the mat are truly meant to be taken with us into life and all our experiences. It was a beautiful opening and gave everyone a lot to reflect on as we prepared to begin class. At the very end, she added, “but a guy whistled out of his car and call me “mamacita” on the way here and you better believe I flipped him off with both hands. We’re all learning.”

I am lucky enough to have accompanied Cynthia and photographed her Costa Rica women’s yoga retreat earlier this year, shoot for her online shop Nourish & Refine, and now create brand images to reflect her dynamic energy as a yoga teacher. What a gorgeous woman and friend :)