Vickie's Chickies

Howard County, Maryland

My youngest cousin, Victoria, is thirteen (it feels like she was just born!) and is a beautiful, talented, spunky young lady. In addition to lots of extra-curricular activities, she runs Vickie's Chickies. This girl can do it all! Read on to learn a bit about Vickie and see a few photos we snapped this weekend.

How did you become a chicken farmer?

After a 4-H meeting one night, my dad and brother bought some chicks at TSC and brought them home. My mom wasn't too happy... (ha!). Since I got them in 4th grade, I've learned a lot because some were killed by predators like raccoons and others have died. I've been through a lot with my chicks. We've continued to add to our coop and I was giving away free eggs for a while. One day I thought, why not sell them? 

Who do you sell them to?

My bus driver, family, and friends.

How many eggs do your 10 chickens produce each day?

About 4 to 6 lately.

Do you have a favorite chicken?

My favorite chicken is named Velma. She is all black with gold flakes on her chest.

What is the best part of having chickens?

Seeing how pretty they are each day and enjoying the eggs.

What is your favorite egg dish?

Egg drop soup.

What would you tell someone who wants to get chickens?

It's a lot of responsibility, but it's worth it!