Maryland Winter Portrait Session | Bridget + Kyle

When they hopped out of the car at their session, Kyle's phone went off with the ping that I'm all-too-familiar with- the ESPN ping :) The one that lets you know what's happening with your favorite teams (and a prominent app on Patrick's phone). Kyle's favorite team was playing. I laughed and asked if he was going to be able to enjoy our session while he wondered how his team was doing. He turned to Bridget, smiled sweetly, looked at me and genuinely said, "I'd love to be watching the game right now, but this is important to her so it's important to me. I'm really happy to be here."

My heart about melted because it's no secret a photo session isn't at the top of most guy's list of things they'd like to do on a Sunday evening. In that little moment, Kyle's love for Bridget shined through. We had a blast shooting around Kentland's Mansion and the nearby lake. I love that Bridget went bold with her blonde hair and a red lip for the holidays! 

Thank you for allowing me to capture this fun time in your relationship, Bridget and Kyle! I hope you always look back on these and remember the exciting time of being at the beginning of your careers, your relationship, and your journey!