DC Blogger | Julien Garman

You know those people you meet that feel like an instant friend? Julien is one of them :) She is warm, outgoing, and talks a mile a minute (just like me). A few months ago, I was walking down the street and had one of those I'm-pretty-sure-I-know-you-but-I-don't-know-how moments. She, of course, was looking fabulous and once I made the connection I was instantly sure it was Julien, the blogger I've followed on Instagram for months! 

As it turns out, she works just down the street from me and after I immediately reached out (in a slightly weird, "are you wearing camel culottes today?" message), we became fast friends. Recently, we stole away on our lunch breaks to shoot some outfit photos and catch up. I love Julien's relaxed, sophisticated style. She always looks simply amazing. Plus, that hair! But at the risk of sounding cheesy, it's her inner beauty that truly shines through :) Cheers to social media connections that result in new friends!