Baby McGuire | Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

I think one of the greatest joys of life is watching those around you grow and thrive. I met baby Cillian's mom, Julie, five years ago. I was an intern, she had only been in DC a year, and we were two of a team of three. I'll never forget when we started sharing about our lives and we were jokingly concerned we were dating the same guy (named Patrick, played lacrosse, considered/went to law school, etc...).

Over the four years we worked together, Julie and I became close. I will always be grateful for the long conversations we had in her office about family, friends, love, fears, and everything in between and the advice she shared with me.  By the time we both started new jobs, the "Pats" we were dating had become our husbands, Julie and her Pat bought a home, and just three months ago, had their first child, Cillian Finn McGuire.

When we got to meet Cillian last weekend, I think the only word to describe their new family was blissful. Smiley baby Cillian hardly made a peep, and Julie and Patrick were so excited to show off their son. Congratulations, Julie and Patrick! I hope the images from our impromptu photo shoot help you remember this very special time with your sweet, red-headed baby.